Moving between Dark Fantasy, insolence and the grotesque, the work of Hugo López Ayuso depicts waiters in indeterminate scenographies that are somewhere in between modernism and the Spanish baroque golden age.


The dramatic use of liveries and their detachment from a specific context of labour proposes, at the same time, a virtual deployment of a working normative space associated with the uniform and its immediate subversion. Thus, the uniform itself delimits a place of dramatization, addressing the notions of desire, value and simulacrum.


The figure of the waiter operates in different frames of legibility. Whether it be as a figure of the margins of artistic institutional space that evidences a distinction between visitors and viewers in the context of institutional events, or as the temporary occupation of aspirational individuals that in the neoliberal model of the so-called “20/80 society” appears to be a potential centre of political energy for this century.

Hugo López Ayuso

Born 1989 in Monforte de Lemos, Spain.

Lives and works in London, UK.


2014-2016 MA Painting, Royal College of Art

2007-2011 BA, University of Vigo


2017- Seeing Whales, Galleria Emilio Mazzoli, Modena, Italy.

2016-, Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, Battersea, London, UK.

2016- RCA Degree Show, Royal College of Art, Battersea, London, UK.

2015- Bloomberg New Contemporaries – Backlit, Nottingham; ICA, London, UK.

2015- Interyouth – The China Academy of Art, Huangzhou, China.

2015- Coma na casa – Pazo de Tor, Monforte de Lemos, Spain.

2014- RCA WIP Show – Royal College of Art, Battersea, London, UK.

2011- Pruebas de estado y color - Galeria Bacelos, Vigo, Spain

2011- Certamen Novos Valores – Museum of Pontevedra, Pontevedra, Spain

2010- Utrópicos, Selected Students, XXXI Bienal de Pontevedra – Museum of Pontevedra, Pontevedra, Spain


Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015, published by New Contemporaries.