Recent work depicts ambiguous settings where waiters are engaged in unfathomable activities. Displaying a dramatic use of working liveries, their actions and looks evoke forms of the militant milieu as well as art history and popular and commercial cultures. While addressing the distinction between viewers, visitors and workers within the social framework of events, the regulated space of action becomes overwritten by a quest for the key moment and the key place. The tensions between eros and employment and norm and anomia dissolve into an exercise of abstraction that explores the link between the form process of space, activity and narrative. The formalization and artificialization of negative affectivity is shifted from the music scene to the waiter as a dramatized environment.

Hugo López Ayuso

Born 1989 in Monforte de Lemos, Spain.

Lives and works in London, UK.


2014-2016 MA Painting, Royal College of Art

2007-2011 BA Fine Arts, Universidade de Vigo


2019- Terra, CGAC, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. (forthcoming)

2019- Preparing for Darkness Vol. 3: I’m Not There, Kühlhaus Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

2017- Seeing Whales, Galleria Mazzoli, Modena, Italy, curated by Chiara Ianeselli.

2016-, Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, Battersea, London, UK.

2016- RCA Degree Show, Royal College of Art, Battersea, London, UK.

2015- Bloomberg New Contemporaries – Backlit, Nottingham; ICA, London, UK.

2015- Interyouth – The China Academy of Art, Huangzhou, China.

2015- Coma na casa – Pazo de Tor, Monforte de Lemos, Spain, curated by Chus Martinez.

2011- Pruebas de estado y color - Galeria Bacelos, Vigo, Spain, curated by Maria Peña Lombao.


Seeing Whales, published by Galleria Mazzoli, 2017.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015, published by New Contemporaries, 2015.